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Spring is springing...are you?

As I watch the trees begin to send tiny shoots of green, and the little buds are popping out their blooms, I sense an awakening of the entire northern hemisphere coming alive. What seemed dead is reviving and more beautiful than ever. Our spirits are lifted, spring even makes it to our step. Spring, is definitely springing! But, are you?

Have you ever hit this season with color all around you, but you are still feeling like winter? Do you see new growth all around you, but not in your career?

Nature has its way of pointing out what is going on inside of us. If there was no turning of seasons, we might not see that we are stuck in one. Do you know what experts call this? Normal. We call it normal, meaning that from time to time it happens to all of us. Occasionally, we drag.

Nature encourages us to change, and grow as she does, and she pulls us with her colors and scents and scenery. And, predominately, it works! But what do you do if it doesn't? What do you do if you get stuck in Sumer, burning away your day well into the night? What if the hibernation of winter sends your career to sleep for years? What if retirement is approaching like the falling of brown leaves and you just can't see what will come next?

In cases like these, you need more help than the seasons provide. The only thing more powerful than nature in a persons life is another person. This is not to say that every person is a good person to nurture your growth, but a loving, benevolent person, with a knowledge in the area where you are stuck, is like your own personal spring rain to encourage your next bloom.

Who do you know that loves you and can help you out of the season you're stuck in? Is it a friend? Pastor? Counselor? Parent?

  • Write a list of five people you know personally, who love you, believes in your vision, and loves to see you thrive.

  • From that list, make a decision to reach out to one person, each day, and ask for their support in helping you bloom into your next season.

If you can't think of anyone who fits that criteria, think of us. The team at LifeWork Harmony loves you, loves to see you bloom and would love to water you into your next successful season. Connect with us to see how we can help. We also encourage you to check out the 2020 Vision Group starting in May. It just might be the nutritious soil and the water that will grow you to your next level.


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