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Client Testimonials

As a success coach, I’m passionate about helping people ditch the doubt and land the job you were made for.  I work hard on developing a personal, open, and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read reviews below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and feel free to ask any questions that may come up.

Engineering Sketch

I went through Geiska's LifeWork Harmony program when I was working at a company that I didn't really enjoy and I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in my career. She patiently helped me identify some character strengths and weaknesses and then guided me in using this information to develop a career plan that started high level and then drilled down into details and actionable tasks. Her organization and systematic approach let me know we were on track and getting somewhere, while her flexibility and personal touch assured me that I was getting personalized direction and advice. I am now in a job that I love, with a confidence that I"m in the right place, and Geiska had everything to do with that. Geiska is a wise woman and I would recommend her to anybody to get valuable insight into their career and life possibilities.

Jacob L. - Engineer/Real Estate Investor


I took Geiska's LifeWork Harmony course when I was not sure which direction I wanted to head in my career. She helped me transition onto a path that reflected my unique skills and strengths which would help me go after the career path that I truly wanted and allowed my natural abilities to shine in the workplace. Her professional, yet personal sessions helped me define where I was and we made a plan on how to get to where I wanted to be. She helped me realize my life situation was not permanent and through planning and execution together we were able to implement significant changes that drastically improved my day-to-day decisions that put me on a trajectory towards reaching my full potential in my career and life.

Will S. - Surfer/Investor

Retro Singer

Working with Geiska has firstly given me clarity of my inherent skills and how they work together beneficially.  Just barely in second place would be the amazing confirmation I received from having this information to affirm that my strong suits are valuable as a profession.  With just the preliminary work I’ve done, I've let go of the false belief that I need to work at tasks that are draining for me, embraced my true strong suits and have changed career tracks.  I can’t think of who I wouldn’t recommend this process to!

Angela N. - Vocalist/Voice Coach

Image by krakenimages

Working with Geiska to develop my career goals has allowed me to find a direction and work-life balance that allows me to succeed in all aspects of my life. Finding value in both vocation and avocation has made me a more productive employee, reduced stress, and provides me the bandwidth to help others. None of this would have been possible without Geiska's program structure and her insightful guidance. I have personally recommended her to countless people and continue to return for her insight and guidance whenever a transition is on the horizon.

Kathryn B. - HR Manager/Missionary

Graduation Hat Throw

I feel so much more confident now, after doing the program, that I am heading in the right direction after high school. So many of my friends are still freaking out! But not me. I’m good!”

California High School Senior

Spa Massage

Geiska truly works hard and cares for her clients! She helped guide My vision of where I see Myself and what my true priorities can be. I appreciated her casual comforting way of keeping me accountable! I highly recommend Geiska for her skills as a life coach!

Rani S. - Massage Therapist/Artist

Is LifeWork Harmony for you?

Find out more information about LifeWork Harmony and how it can work for you no matter what phase of life you are in. Click the link below to learn more and sing up for a free online course or free get-acquainted session with Geiska today. 

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