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Parenting Purpose

How to coach up a child to be a successful adult with a fulfilling career and a heartfelt sense of purpose

Roughly two-thirds of today’s workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Many are in full-blown burnout and are suffering mentally, emotionally, and physically because of it. Do you worry that your child will become one of them? Do you want to help your child avoid this fate? Do you believe that your child is made for something great but are not sure what that is?

In this practical book, career development coach and professional planner Geiska Velasquez takes the guesswork out of identifying your children’s unique design, finding their purpose, and making decisions based on what fits them best. This pragmatic approach to parenting will help you to support your children in all their academic and extracurricular activities, now as well as in the future, when your children enter the workforce.

In this training program, you will learn how to think like a coach, talk like a coach, focus on fitness, remember there is nothing new on game day, use the equipment for the game, and start getting results immediately to help your children win their big game—their careers. Now is the time to actively engage in your children’s career development so that they can do the work they were made for and have lives with that heartfelt sense of purpose


Parenting Purpose

Geiska Velasquez

“What can be taught will help promote your child in their purpose, but what they are built with, which cannot be taught, is what will set them apart.”

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Geiska Velasquez

Geiska is a certified coach, speaker, author, mom, and founder and chief catalyst at LifeWork Harmony Coaching. Ms. Velasquez earned a master’s degree in planning from the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and was a professional planner for twenty years. She now helps others plan by aiding them through the creation of a solid career development implementation plan, which helps them ditch the doubt and do the work they were made for.

Known as “the spiritual pragmatist,” Geiska uses a solid pragmatic approach to career planning, based on solid biblical principles. She lives, writes, and plays with her husband, two children, and two cats on the California Central Coast

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Parenting Purpose Offerings

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