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The Parenting Purpose Book Bonus Materials

The Selfie Sheet


Who I Am - The Resume

Download the Selfie Sheet you read about in the book now and print it for your own use or purchase the companion kit with printed Selfie Sheets below.

The Purpose Proposal Page


What I Will Do - The Proposal

Download the Purpose Proposal Page as you saw in the book and print it for your own use today. Your child is going to love this one and so will you!

The Pay Me Page


What I Did - The Invoice

Download the Invoice as seen in Parenting Purpose, the book, and get some cash, because your kids will certainly be coming for it. The favorite printout of all kids - The Pay Me Page.

The Parenting Purpose Printouts


The Whole Pack of Printouts

If you would like to download all of the Parenting Purpose Bonus Printouts at once, click the link below and print the whole pack to use instantly. You can also order the Companion Kit at the bottom of the page and we'll print them for you and send them to your door.

Thank you for reading Parenting Purpose and for continuing your purpose training with the bonus materials found here. Check back here every now and then to see if we have any new free bonus materials to help you in your coaching. If you prefer, you can purchase a companion kit below and we will send you the Equipment for the Game prints as well as other bonuses. Happy coaching!

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