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Resolved to resolve no more?!

Ah the New Year Resolution. The one time in life we think its a fantastic idea to make a decision that will affect the next year (or more) of our lives while we are drunk and whooping it up after midnight! It's no wonder less than 15% of resolution-makers see their commitment through to December the 31st!

Well, you might be surprised to realize that our drunken new year's eve has very little, if anything, to do with the vast failure we collectively experience relative to our so called "resolutions".

First of all, most of us know well before midnight which behavior or habit we would like to break ourselves of. And for those of us trying to add benefit to our lives with some new behavior, or finally take that leap of faith into something we have been pining for some time, a little alcohol would reduce the inhibitions and help us to finally make that declaration before friends and family, "I resolve to.....!"

So, sorry Calvin Harris, we cannot blame it on the night...

Is there an explanation, then, to our mass inability to get 365 days of something we wanted very dearly on January 1st?

Before you resolve to resolve no more, read on.

There is indeed an explanation as to why most people can't keep their new year resolutions and why those that do succeed, do succeed!

The most overlooked secret to the success of your New Year's Resolution is the same one that is most underutilized in all of life's goal setting opportunities. The most ignored secret to your YOU.

Now before you swipe right, hear me out! When was the last time you sat down to make a goals list (or even a to-do list!) and did a thorough investigation of yourself, your motivations, and your abilities first?!

Some of us do something like this in high school or college to help in selecting classes and career. But, have you ever thought of using the same tactic to choose your approach to succeed at other areas of life: such as at the moment of creating your Resolution for the next year?

How on earth do you do that?!

For an easy first step, make a list of all the things that you HAVE accomplished in your life that you are kinda proud of. Once you have the list, then make notes next to each as to how it was that YOU accomplished those once goals. Even if you never wrote it out as a goal at some point, the things you accomplished didn't happen by accident. YOU made them happen! So, how? Once you have a thorough description of how you succeeded at those prior goals, read over them all and see where the patterns emerge. When you see the patterns, you see the secret to how to succeed at anything you want to achieve.

For example - no one is born with a driver's licence. All of us driving around once had to qualify for and obtain a licence (I hope). I don't know about you, but it was a nightmare for me learning how to drive! Until a few things changed. Those three key things shifted entirely my learning experience and I went from a bus pass to a '77 VW Bus in a week!

So I encourage you to take stock of your past success strategies and apply it to whatever it is calling your heart this winter to resolve to do, or not do, starting January 1st.

If you find that you are like most people, and you still need a little help achieving your aspirations, then please join us for the MAP My Resolution Workshop on December 29, 2018. We will be doing a deeper dive into how to utilize our unique designs to accomplish the unique desires of our hearts, and will strategize our paths to success, and celebrate with each other as we begin taking action to ensuring a true change happens where we want it to.

There is another action you can take to boost your success potential with your Resolution challenge this year, and that is to declare it to others. Not just at midnight, but elsewhere as well! In fact, please share with us in the comments below what your 2019 New Year Resolution will be and let us cheer you on to completion!

Geiska Velasquez is the founder and head coach at LifeWork Harmony Coaching and helping frustrated professionals ditch the doubt and land the job they were made for!


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